Adult High Speed 5000W 10000W 20000W Best Electric motorcycle Moto Electrica Popular Model R3

In the rapidly developing field of electric motorcycles, It is the consensus of manufacturers to launch various good products, and it is also one of the goals of our company.

R3 is one of our most popular models. It is also a good choice as a commuter motorcycle.




The feature of R3:

✔ This model has sharp lines, It can be equipped with a hub motor or a mid-mounted motor, and can be customized with lithium batteries to meet the different needs of customers.

✔ Equipped with LED headlights, halogen turn signals, LED rear tail lights, full LCD instrumentation, and 17-inch vacuum tires, and the distinctive styling style reveals the designer’s countless days and nights of hard work, showing the spirit of craftsmanship.

✔ The front face is designed with a strong R3 style, which is bright and piercing, and the smooth side lines that are unique among them attract a higher rate of head-turning.

✔ The shape of the taillights also highlights the personality of the owner.

✔ The unique full LCD screen can not only display a lot of information, but also improve the sense of grade.

✔ The configuration of the rearview mirror can greatly improve the observation ability of the blind spot.

✔ The wheel hub makes the whole vehicle look fuller and full of power.

✔ The seat has a strong wrapping, and the driver’s hips and waist can be well supported.

✔ The front and rear suspensions have a good shock filtering effect. When passing through the speed bump with a higher slope, there will be no violent bumps and unstable feeling.

✔ The handlebars are tactile, flexible and precise in changing directions, making it easy to complete driving maneuvers. Thanks to the drag coefficient and vehicle weight, high-speed driving provides very stable feeling.

Post time: Oct-26-2022